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Top Five Music Apps For Android Phones

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With an Android phone, you don’t really need an mp3 player. Many Android-powered phones come with music apps that let you download and play music directly on your phone.

If you’re a music lover and are looking for legal ways to rock out to some of your favorite music, here’s a list of the top five music apps you should know about if you don’t already.

1. Pandora– With Pandora, you can search for your favorite artist and listen to his or her songs. Then, Pandora will play music by similar artists.

2. Shazam– With Shazam, you can search for any artist that you’re looking for. Just record a song, and it will give you a song title and an artist.

3. iheartradio– With iheartradio, you can listen to any radio station across the country. It also provides lyrics and artist channels.

4. iMusic– Listen and download millions of songs directly to your phone. You can listen to the top 100 songs from the week and the most searched songs. It also works with to give you more of your favorite music.

5. TuneWiki-TuneWiki gives you access to music and videos. You can see what people are listening to in your area.

What are you waiting for? Go geek out to some jams!

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