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Top Five Takes On Twilight

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Oh Twilight.

Brooding vampires, awkward teenagers, and puppy-dog-eyed werewolves. You may not be stoked about the third installment of the Twilight saga, but these fans (or foes) have produced their own renditions of Twilight and New Moon with precise accuracy and fun twist endings.

If watching Eclipse with a ton of screaming teens isn’t your choice of midnight activity, you can pick one of these five parodies.

1. 28 New Moons Later…
We all know vampires are for chick flicks. Brain-munching zombies, however, aren’t for the faint of heart. Place your bets now for the first ever zombie vs. werewolf face-off.

2.Twilight Meets High School Musical

Hillywood Show hits the mark with scenes, costumes, and even film production matching the original movie.

The dance number to the perfectly-fitting Katie Perry song is so great, even a true fan will forget this isn’t the real thing.

3. Blood Sucking Sesame Street
We’ve got to give serious props to these folks for managing to make puppets fall in love, bleed, and sparkle. Where do I sign for that baby Team Edward T-shirt?

4. Twilight: Tokyo Drift
The saga goes Asian in this “Movies in Minutes” video, with some badass special effects. Just check out that heart-racing rescue scene in the parking lot.

5. Taylor Transforms
Jealous of Jacob’s insanely built body?

Well if you thought vampire sparkle skin was too much, the werewolf is losing his tan and batting for the other team.

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One Response to “Top Five Takes On Twilight

  1. avatar Erica Sanderson says:

    OMG these are all HILARIOUS!!! I think the best one is the musical Twilight, but the puppets are really good too. And the Tokyo one…oh, it’s so hard to choose just one!