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As far as I can tell the average person on Twitter is a severe manic depressive with an extreme penchant for oversharing:

@deathdoublerainbow: OMG. I can’t find my shoes. Rage. I’m going to kill myself. #barefoot
@deathdoublerainbow: Hell yeah. Found shoes. Greatest day ever! #wearingshoes
@deathdoublerainbow: Shoes aren’t going to tie themselves. Lazy shoes. #overworked
@deathdoublerainbow: It’s raining and I don’t have any boots. Damnit! Thanks a lot Obama. #socialistshoecare


All these tweets though provide a wealth of information about the people using Twitter. A group of researchers from Harvard University and Northeastern University used this information to illustrate people’s moods across the United States, and while it isn’t the first Twitter mood map, the information they show about what people are feeling and the way they organize the data makes for an interesting read.

To gather the information the researchers indexed over 300 million tweets. They then used a word list that weights the mood of specific words. This information was then mapped to represent both the frequency of tweets over a 24-hour period and the happiness of the collective tweets in each state.

The end result: a flowing blob of moods through the course of a day. Except New York: Angry. Asleep. And angry again.

Check out the website for more information:
Pulse of the Nation: U.S. Mood Throughout the Day inferred from Twitter

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  1. avatar Chloe says:

    I noticed the same thing about New York. I read your post after watching the video. Does that make you #angry?