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U.S. version of The IT Crowd

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The pilot for the U.S. version of The IT Crowd is less of of a re-imagining and more of an artifact from an alternate universe where everything is just not quite as funny. Maybe it’s because the jokes don’t work as well a second time. Maybe it’s the lack of the great Matt Berry. Or maybe the problem is that the human brain can’t comprehend why the Moss character (played by Richard Ayoade in the BBC version) is still Moss (played by Richard Ayoade again) in this Bizarro IT Crowd World.

There’s nothing wrong with Richard Ayoade’s acting in this 2007 pilot. He’s hilarious as always. But Joel McHale falls flat in the Roy role. And Jessica St. Clair seems to have picked up a few of the original Jen’s quirks, but only enough to seem oddly out of place when she does them. It’s no surprise the show wasn’t picked up. The show’s creator, Graham Linehan, however, recently told The Guardian a new U.S. version is in the works. In the meantime Netflix is streaming the first three seasons of the original IT Crowd. Here’s a taste if you’re interested in checking it out:

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Also, if you’d like to see Joel McHale in a role that works, check out Community. It’s on Hulu. And it’s hilarious.

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2 Responses to “U.S. version of The IT Crowd

  1. avatar Chloe says:

    So they couldn’t even create new opening credits? Don’t blame them. They were good teh first time.

    I’m glad McHale went on to do Community, which is way better than this pitiful ripoff.

  2. avatar Doxtad says:

    They run the same credits for the German version too. It’s actually almost a shot for shot remake of the original BBC show. Linehan wrote a good blog post on how to remake the show. http://whythatsdelightful.wordpress.com/2007/10/18/notes-on-the-us-it-crowd/
    It’s got a lot of good points.

    Community is probably my favorite of the new shows. The Modern Warfare episode was just flawless. It’s probably good that this version of the IT Crowd didn’t take off, cause McHale is great in Community and he might have not been able to do it otherwise.