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Wednesday Webgame: Every Day the Same Dream

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With a haunting soundtrack and a very quirky reward system, Every Day the Same Dream is exactly the kind of innovative webgame that reminds the user how a simple 10-minute game can evoke a strong response. Molleindustria, the creator of the game, describes Every Day the Same Dream as a an “existential game about alienation and refusal of labaour” or “a playable music video.” Both categorizations work, and yet neither quite captures the melodramatic quest the player performs in the game.

In the end, you simply have to play this game to understand it. But you might want to save this one for after you get off work. If the monotony of the daily turboencabulator jams is wearing on your sanity, the message of this game might just prove to be the breaking point.

Play the game at Molleindustria.

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