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Wednesday Webgame: Victorian BMX

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Armed with your trusty scythe and your slightly inaccurate to the time period BMX, this Wednesday’s webagme, Victorian BMX, allows you to chop the heads off penny-farthing-riding dandies and bustle-dresssed, baby pushing dames, all while pulling down tricks and catching copious amounts of air.

The game, from This is Pop, is a good venture in the genre with a fun, heavy metal soundtrack and enough interesting courses to force you to repeat levels with pinpoint button strikes.

So pop open an excel spreadsheet, put on that hard-at-work face, and play this while your boss thinks you are filing the daily TPS reports. It’s available at over on Adult Swim Games.

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One Response to “Wednesday Webgame: Victorian BMX”

  1. avatar Justin O'Neill says:

    Best game ever. Now give me back the last hour of my life, please.