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Whale Poop Helps Save The Earth

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Cow poo isn’t the only animal waste saving the environment.

A recent study released by Proceedings B found that the poo of Sperm Whales in the Southern Ocean removed more than 220,462 tons of carbon from the environment each year.

While breathing, the whales release 220,462 tons of carbon into the water.  The poo, rich in iron, stimulates the growth of phytoplankton, which in turn removes 440,925 tons of carbon from the environment. Subtract the amount of carbon whales produce from the amount their poo takes away and . . .TA-DA.

The poo process removes more than 220,000 tons of carbon in the atmosphere, lowering greenhouse gas levels.

Lead study author Trish J. Lavery told Discovery News that most whales are currently at 1 to 10 percent of their historical population size.

“If Southern Ocean sperm whales were at their historic levels, meaning their population size before whaling, we would have an extra 2 million tonnes (2,204,623 tons) of carbon being removed from our atmosphere each and every year,” says Lavery, a marine conservation researcher at Flinders University, in Adelaide, Australia.

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