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What The Smurf? A First Look At The Smurfs Movie

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The Smurfs have always been on our shit list.

For one, they’re communists. Everybody has their own little role in Smurf society and receives food, shelter, and clothing without exchanging any money? Come on. We know what’s up.

Second, they need to expand their vocabulary. The word “smurf” is a noun, a verb, and an adjective, yet it basically means nothing. You’re having a “smurftastic” day, Smurfette? Papa Smurf is feeling “smurfy”? Those two statements could not have conveyed any less information.

But the latest nail in Smurfs’ coffin came today, in the form of the The Smurfs 3D teaser. Set for release in the summer of 2011, the Smurfs movie appears to be chock full of all the crap we hated from the TV series, but now, a cast of pseudo-celeb voice talent and cheesy plot lines enter the fray.

Like the Smurf language, the trailer tells us absolutely nothing of value. What’s going on here? Are the Smurfs in Egypt? Are they trapped in Times Square? And the most nagging question of all, what is Neil Patrick Harris doing in Sephora?

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2 Responses to “What The Smurf? A First Look At The Smurfs Movie”

  1. avatar Vijaya Prasad says:

    This film is not yet rated! Are they anticipating a problem with making it G, isn’t that their targeted audience?

  2. avatar Michelle Bernard says:

    Oh, it could be so much more deep than that…