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Where you should go at ComicCon quiz

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ComicCon is halfway done and maybe you don’t know what to do today. Since our friends at io9 already made a ComicCon flowchart, we at Handshake decided a quiz would be the next logical step…well maybe just a next step for deciding where to go in the biggest geek pilgrimage of the year!

So here it is. Go for it! Oh, and don’t worry about getting anything right or wrong: No matter how specific your interests, all of our suggestions will become clear at the end.

So you've had your breakfast sandwich. Where to first?

It's 12:45. Who will save the (mid)day?

How did you get to ComicCon?

So the Adult Swim panel, Max Brooks' famous zombie survival speech and Mike Mignola are all happening at the same time (starting at 5 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. today). Which one will you go to?

How do you want to round out your day?

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