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Wired lets us peer into keyhole of its Underworld

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Since Jan. 31, the Wired blog Decode has been slipping us all tips and puzzles to break the code. What code? Well, the alternate-reality game masters state that in the game’s goal to “revive a lost language” called Nü Shu, a syllabic script based on simplified Chinese characters.

In keeping with its concept of its Underworld issue, Wired‘s ARG employs several puzzles based on languages by different subcultures, from Hobo hieroglyphics to Russian prison tattoos. Of course, the tireless ARGers at Unfiction.com are hard at work decoding each puzzle, leaving the complete puzzle assembly to anyone willing to work a bit more to join the “ring.” It was only today that a user on Decode, Darkhuman, announced that they solved the posts so far.

We at Handshake encourage ARG action anywhere, and we especially appreciate that Wired‘s decision to carry on the ARG well after its Mystery Issue.

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