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WTF? Puma Creates A Chalk Ping Pong Table.

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Puma is taking a game that geeks all over the world love and turning it into a communication platform.

The Chalk Ping Pong Table designed by Aruliden Studiosallows players to interact with each other through written messages. This supposedly makes the game more enjoyable. But is writing in chalk really that much easier than, you know, talking?

For $3,900, you can take your love for the game and add an arts and crafts twist to it. It’s available now at the Conran Shop.

Or, you can just settle for an old fashioned ping pong table that works just as good. The start at about for about $250 and — we guarantee — you can also write on them with chalk, which apparently is the next great revolution in ping ponging.

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2 Responses to “WTF? Puma Creates A Chalk Ping Pong Table.”

  1. avatar Sean Sweeney says:

    My man…ping pong is no geek game. It’s a true mixture of what separates the weak from the gladiators and all that is worthy and awe-inducing on this earth.

  2. avatar Winton Brown says:

    Maybe for people that spend all day/night practicing like yourself. The bigger point is why come up with a table that’s $3,900 and the only thing that separates it is that it offers a chalk surface? I bet you’d buy it just so you could draw clouds and rainbows lol