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WWJD? Jesus “Touchdown” Statue Struck By Lightning In Ohio.

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I don’t know if Jesus was a basketball or football fan. But, a six-story-tall statue of Him in Monroe, Ohio used to portray him holding up a touchdown signal.  Or maybe He is trying to signal a LeBron James three-pointer? Well, either way the statue is no longer standing.

The “King of Kings” statue in front of the evangelical Solid Rock Church was struck by lightning and burned to the ground Monday night. Lightning struck Jesus and set him on fire around 11:15 p.m.  The fire spread from the statue to the attic of the nearby amphitheater, but no one was injured.

The church that the statue stood in front of was founded by a horse trader and his wife in 2004. They financed it for $250,000 and it was supposed to be a a signal of hope and salvation for the church and its members.

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