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XBOX 360 Gets Rid of Controllers, Gives Wii Some Competition

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Everyone is aware of how fun and interactive Nintendo Wii can be.  There’s Wii GolfBowling, Tennis, Fit (and the Handshake staff’s favorite, Just Dance).

But now, XBOX 360 is challenging the Wii with something that’s potentially better.

Kinect, XBOX 360’s newest motion-controlled system, is set to be the next development in interactive video gaming. Instead of using a controller, you create an avatar character and the Kinect will recognize your face and track your body movements with its built-in camera and microphone.

Star Wars geeks are also in luck. Kinect is working to include this game along with sports games and dancing games. No release date has been set for the Kinect.

Do you plan on getting Kinect, or do you think it’s just a Wii copycat?

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2 Responses to “XBOX 360 Gets Rid of Controllers, Gives Wii Some Competition”

  1. avatar Rhe says:

    Seems like something designed for family fun and not gamers. I can’t wait until avatar control is like that of the movie Gamer–without real people on the other end of course.

  2. avatar Nick says:

    Definitely not buying into the Kinect hype, but that’s mainly because I’m not huge fan of Microsoft’s consoles.

    They definitely have the right idea with this being the future of gaming, but I’ll wait until the next company takes this idea and gets a little closer to perfecting it.

    Particularly as a fan of sports games, this has huge potential.