YouTube Editor Is No Final Cut

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Get ready to compile all the embarrassing dance moves you witnessed at a recent family wedding into one long video.

On Wednesday, Google announced a new video editing tool for YouTube cleverly named YouTube Editor. The program allows users to edit their videos without any of the bank account-draining software sold at a Best Buy near you.

The program, although in its first stages of production, allows users the following capabilities: trim the beginning or ending of videos; combine multiple clips to make a longer video; and add soundtracks from its AudioSwap library.

While this all sounds fine and dandy, YouTube Editor, like any new technology, has its drawbacks and limitations.

Handshake’s Anne Pomeroy experimented with some of her own videos and found the following shortcomings difficult to overlook:

1. The ability to edit the beginning and end of videos is great. Not being able to do anything else…not so much.
2. The AudioSwap library is seriously limited. No one plans on adding music that sounds like it was composed in GarageBand.
3. Besides music, no other effects are provided. The dissolve, fade, or time-lapse capability we love to overuse in Final Cut are nowhere to be found.

It’s in the early stages yet, so we won’t be too critical. But since this is Google and YouTube, it’s fair and totally normal to expect something that boggles our minds.

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