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Zombie-brain love and more images of hell politics explored in Ugly Americans

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Some may call it repulsive, but when a floating brain decides to try some zombie loving, no one can stand in the way. Main character Mark Lilly kind of takes a back seat in this week’s episode of Ugly Americans “Sympathy for the Devil,” which focuses more on the Great Brain’s wife’s affair with Randall and Twayne’s deal for a politician’s soul that goes awry.

The episode starts with fishermen pulling up Councilman Fitzpatrick, a seamonster who is also running for governor. It appears that he was caught with his pants down with a mermaid (again with the mermaid loving…). His affairs don’t end there: throughout the episode Fitzpatrick runs around with every female monster he sees, a not-at-all-subtle poke at former New York governor Eliot Spitzer and the current gubernatorial race. He doesn’t care how he acts because he ensured his victory by selling his soul to Twayne, Mark’s head demon boss. His smug character leads to his demise when helicopter blades slices him to pieces.

Meanwhile, the Great Brain’s marriage is on the rocks. His counterpart, a female floating brain, starts cheating on him with Mark’s Zombie roommate Randall. She pretty much dominates their relationship, tapping into his head for some “brain sex” and dropping hints of her plans about taking over Randall’s empty brain cavity (in her conversations with Mark). She’s about to saw Randall’s head open when the Great Brain walks in on them. The couple then proceeds to do some spongy brain loving in the closet. When Mark gets home, he releases Randall and confronts the brains who in turn proclaim that “This is what gets us off! Mind games are all we brains have.”

Ugly Americans

Callie, a demon who is Mark’s superior and sometimes girlfriend, takes on Twayne’s recklessness, which cost him Fitzpatrick’s soul, by reporting him to Hell’s authorities, where her dad, Satan, interrupts his daily brutal killing sessions and paperwork to talk to her. Her dad offers her the chance of prosecuting and killing Twayne as payback for his demoting her for no reason during Fitzpatrick’s campaign. In return, Callie has to work in hell forever, even though she really hates the prospect of working with her father. The whole trial goes by quickly as Mark botches Twayne’s defense. She manages to torture Twayne enough for him to give Callie her old job back, and releases him before he bleeds white snakes (the demon equivalent of blood) to death, breaking her contract with her dad.

The premise for “Sympathy for the Devil” wore a bit thin. Although hilarious, the brain subplot did not connect to the main story at all, making it feel more like a side-story or animated short stuck into the episode to make it 30 minutes long with commercials.

The visuals of Hell were pretty stunning, however. In the screen cap above you can see the well-balanced frame of a demon business man’s bones breaking as he is split in half, right before his gore explodes everywhere. Instead of a gavel, the powdered wig goat demon judge in Hell Court perpetually holds a gun, and his eyes look almost Lovecraftian in their conception. The artistic powers behind Ugly Americans really know what they’re doing, and they’re not afraid of getting really brutal to do it. But best of all, Callie proves again that she can always get her way and as such is probably the most bad-ass female character in any American cartoon show on TV now, excluding Capt. Turanga Leela of course.

Here’s hoping for an even more vivid (and more cohesive) episode next week, where Mark, Randall and Callie take a holiday trip to Hell on Halloween.

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